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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The 2011 Legislative session is over.

A sham ethics bill is all that has resulted.

Last minute wrangling over a phoney
tax cap bill that provides no real property
tax relief, failing to include mandate repeals
and failure  to present civil unions of same
sex couples as a legitimate way of offering
them the same benefits (if any) that are
available to traditional marriages between
men and women, are further evidence of
that the State Legislature and Governor
believe that New York voters are stupid.

Next thing our "elected representatives"
will do, is offer New York voters to buy a
number of bridges, tunnels and highways
(which we already own, and have paid for
many times over and over again).

Lay these issues aside, and take them up
in 2012 when all the Members of the State
Legislature and Congress have to stand
for reelection....and something.

Lay it all aside and just go home!

For the remainder of the year. Governor
Cuomo can radically transform state
government, revitalize  the economy
and put people back to work.

He can direct state agencies to rescind
onerous state mandates on education
and businesses, as well as rescinding
countless regulations that get in the
way of economic development and job
creation by the private sector.

                                           Joe Sullivan

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