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Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had a good time. Worked hard. Up and out
at 4 am most mornings. Walking door to door
and street to street delivering my message. Put
me in fine fighting form...185 lbs...same as
John L.

Richie Stack,  Albany County Conservative
Party ,provided me with lawn signs
printing of literature, mailings and phone
calls. For these, I thank him.

Paddy and Mick were always in my corner.

Yet, in the end, voter apathy prevailed.
Turnout was very low. Less than 30 percent.

My voters came out without me having a
pull operation or have stooges lurking
about the polling places electioneering.

Jack  "Bullhorn" McEneney, Joe Igoe
Dick Adair and his 14th Ward gang
Frank Commisso and others from
adjacent wards, with no contests, pulled
out the partyline Lemming vote, which
is down to an all time low of about 1,200
to save Gary D's seat for Gary or his
appointed replacement.

To see the above local draft dodgers and
socialists, including Congressman Tonko
marching at the head of the Albany
Veteran's Day parade was a sight to make
one want to puke.

What is past, is now history.

Onto campaign 2012, the main round
where the survival of America, and
each and every American, is on the line.

Offices up for election include:
President, Vice-President, U.S. Senate
Congress  at the federal level and
State Senate and Assembly in New York.

Never, was it more important for voters
to go to the polls and cast informed votes.

If they do not, they may never get the
chance to do so again.

                                        Joe Sullivan

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