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Sunday, November 20, 2011


It has been said that the nut does not
fall far from the tree.

This morning I rose very early to
prepare some barley pancake batter
and bran muffins for breakfest.

This allowed me to be close to Mick
and Paddy and keep an eye on them.
They had their rabies shots yesterday.
Being canine senior citizens,  they
require close observation for any side
effects of the vaccine.

Gave them some buttermilk. They
were content to have me nearby in
the kitchen where they have slept
since they were pups.

I reflected on my good fortune
of having barley, wheat bran, whole
wheat flour, molasses, yeast, buttermilk
honey, fresh eggs, raisins, running water,
electric for the oven and a refrigerator.
All gifts from God and not to be taken
for granted.  There were times when
we didn't have these things. Those times
may come again.

I took time out for a cup of Punjana Irish
Tea, manufactured in Belfast by the
Thompson family. Yes, Barry's Tea from
Cork is excellent too, but the former is
more readily available, at a good price
in the Christmas Tree shop. A bit of
honey, ginger and whole milk to top it
off and I was refreshed.

As I reflected on my good fortune at
having all these things. I looked forward
to the bacon and eggs that would go
with the barley pancakes, maple syrup
and bran muffins. The butter, too. Of
course, more tea. It gives strength, as
Cousin Sister Mary Bernadette ( Una
Harrington) of Mercy convent, Bantry
and Killaugh Townland, would often

As I worked, my mind drifted to thoughts
of my relations. Over the generations
they were farmers, fisherman, sailors
sea captains, mercenaries, soldiers, miners
policeman, saloon keepers, longshoremen
blacksmiths, stone masons, teamsters, union
men, domestic servants, slaves and indentured
servants, outlaws, politicians, scholars, nuns
historians and a poet or two, and a baker.

A common thread that runs through the
whole lot is a fierce independent streak
and a rebel spirit.

So, by now, you can guess, that if God
gives me life, in know what I
will be up to.

It is in the genes!

I will be doing my part.

Remember. Government can't save us.
We must save ourselves, our government
and America.

Now, you do yours.

                                        Joe Sullivan


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