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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NYC  MAY 2012

Fleet week will be held in NYC
in May:

Among the Men O War in port
will be the U S S Sullivans DDG 68

The original U S S Sullivans  DD537
is moored in Buffalo Marine Park,
like the U S S Slater in Albany:

Our ship operated at sea with DD537
in the 1950's.

DDG 68 made port in Adrigole, Beara
Peninsula, ancestral home of the five
Sullivan brothers.
Thought of trying to get DDG 68 to
visit Albany. But, the ship's draft
exceeds the channel depth at the
Port of Albany.

Besides it is a long sea detail up
the Hudson and DDG would be
an sitting duck target for local
Al Qaida operatives.

Maybe, DDG 68 will send a
landing party upriver in a

                                  Joe Sullivan

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