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Monday, April 2, 2012


Hearings are being held on the
330 mile electric transmission
cable that will carry Quebec
hydropower to New York City.

No hearings are slated for the
City of Albany- The State
Capital. Why not?

Why is the Albany Common

a) not calling on the PSC to
    schedule a hearing in Albany?

b) not passing a Resolution
    calling for  the City of Albany
    to tap into that power cable
    thereby providing low cost
    hydropower for the city
    and city residents, to spur
    economic development
    rebuild city neighborhoods
    and support construction
    of trolley lines and a light
    rail system, as well as for
    home heating?

    Oil prices are rising above
    affordability, and soon oil
    may not be available at any

    Albany needs low cost  hydro
    powerfrom the Quebec-NYC
    transmission cable.
    from this Quebec

Why is the Albany County
Legislature not taking
similar action to benefit
residents of Watervliet
Cohoes, Guilderland
Bethlehem, New Scotland
The Hill Towns and the
rest of the towns in the

Get with the program boys
and girls.

                   Joe Sullivan

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