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Friday, April 27, 2012


Today's Bill O'Reilly Talking Point
on poverty, aired in Talk 1300 radio
declared that 12 trillion dollars have
been expended, since the days of
Lyndon Johnson, to eliminate poverty.

What has this expendture of 12 trillion
dollars yielded?

More poverty and millions more poor
people, never ending urban decay
more crime, more dispair and a nation
deeply divided.

Add to this 12 trillion dollars, the
hundreds of millions of school property
taxes expended in failing urban schools
like Albany, where graduation rates
are barely 5o percent.

This year, the Governor and State
Legislature promoted teacher
evaluations as the way to improve
education in New York.

The best teachers in the world
can not make stones learn.

The next step for the Governor
and State Legislature should be
to add parent and "student"
evaluations to teacher evaluations.

Make all of the above public
so that school property taxpayers
can clearly see where the flaws
in our public school systems are.

Disband the federal and state
education departments and return
education to local control.

Until parents and children value
learning, make the effort to learn
and apply what they learn - expect
only more poverty, poor people
crime, more urban decay and
eventual city bankruptcies.


                                    Joe Sullivan

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