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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



1 August 2012
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1. Support expanded shale natural gas drilling in NYS provided
groundwater, wells, reservoirs are protected and monitored.

Have drillers contribute to a fund to provide remediation/compensation
in the event of accidents.

Earmark use/sale of extracted natural gas for New York, New England
and Canada. No exports to China.

Tapping New York's vast gas resources will stimulate an economic
boom and jobs akin to that produced by building the Erie Canal in the
early 1800's.

It is essential to conserve natural gas resources for domestic use
as a security issue for now and the future.

Northeast winters are cold and survival here impossible without
a reliable source of home heating.

2. Support the 765 kv Quebec to NYC hydro power line provided Albany
Bethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland can tap into this line to
lower local electric rates and provide reliable, clean electric power
upon which our way of life depends.

3, Support shutting down the twin Indian Point nuclear power plants.

These nuclear plants sit astride the Ramapo geologic fault. Spent
rods are stored, in water, below the plants because there is no
other place to safely dispose of them.

The nuclear disaster in Japan was a natural and man made event.

We should learn from that and not repeat it here.

20 million people live in the shadow of the Indian Point nuclear plants.

The NYC metro area and Hudson Valley could be devestated by a
natural or man made disaster involving the Indian Point nuclear plants

Keep in mind that NYC (and the Indian Point Plants) are a number
one target of the Jihadists who sworn to destroy us, and who have
made the homefront the front line in their war of terror.

4. Support building the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf
states and a second pipeline to Buffalo. Build more refineries in
both locations. Canada is our ally. We share a common culture
and heritage and our future fates are interdependent.

President Obama's refusual to approve the Keystone pipeline
is a major blunder. He has kept gas and food prices high as
result. And, now, China is gaining control of Canadian shale
oil - a major strategic security blunder by Obama!

President Obama's policies relating to oil drilling in the Gulf of
Mexico and Anwar have produced similar results, inhibting our
economic recovery and creating a perilous security risk for


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