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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Support candidates for citywide
and ward offices that:

1. put America First before
blind partyline allegiance

2. uphold the Constitution
and Bill of Rights

3. support repeal of  Common
Council Resolutions banning
fracking for natural gas and
declaring Albany a sanctuary
city for illegal aliens

4. support building a refinery
at the Port of Albany utilizing
oil from North Dakota that is
currently being trans-shipped
through the port- that will
provide jobs and lower the
price of gasoline and home
heating oil

5. support fracking NY natural
gas resources- to provide jobs
low cost energy for transportation
home heating and expansion of
local agriculture/manufacturing

4. support a casino for downtown
Albany- to provide jobs, downtown
revitalization and property tax relief
for homeowners and small businesses

5. support consolidation of city
schools with city government with
one property tax roll to finance both
returning to a K-8 neighborhoods
making the Mayor and Common
Council responsible/accountable
for performance of city schools.

More to follow.

                                       Joe Sullivan

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