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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The  Saturday, January 19, 2013
Second Amendment Rally in Albany
very well attended.

Having 2 rallies in one month on
week day work days, in February
may result in smaller attendance.
Most supporters of the Second
Amendment, Constitution, Bill
of Rights have jobs and want to keep

Better have snow/rain dates as well.

Do not expect much main stream
media coverage, because the main
stream media are the cheerleaders
for the left wing Democrats and
their me-too Republican camp

Rally all you want. Give all the
firey speeches you want. Milling
around the legislative halls
scratching at the doors of
incumbents, meeting with staff
members, while legislators
hide out in committee meetings
conferences and legislative
sessions, will be of limited value.

However, do not expect to sway
the votes of many legislators
because they are held captive
by the power of their respective
party "leaders" . Partyline voting

Less talk and more (political) action
is the remedy.

Concentrate on  voting out incumbents
who have voted for, and continue to
support, the  NY Safe ACT.  They have
failed to honor their oaths of office-
to uphold the Constitution.

1. Register and enroll new voters in the NY
Conservative Party

2. Invite those already enrolled in a party
or not enrolled in any party (Independents)
to change their enrollments to Conservative.
(These enrollment changes do not take effect
until the day after the November 2013
General Election)

3. Have each rally attendee take home 10
voter registration/enrollment change forms
and do as in (1) and (2) above. File the
completed and signed forms in their county
elections board - getting date/time stamped
copies as proofs.

4. Identify prospective candidates for local
elective offices in 2013 and  the 2014
federal and state elections. Do this now
rather than following the traditional
political calendar

5. Organize candidate/volunteer training
sessions during March and April 2013.
Prospective federal and state candidates
for 2014 will lay the foundation for their
campaigns by volunteering to assist the
candidates who will run in the 2013 local

In sum, do not expect to sway the votes
of present incumbents.

Organize and prepare, now, to vote them
out them out! Begin with the 2013 local
elections, and move on the 2014 elections.

Repeal bad laws and public office holders
who support those laws, thereby violating
their oaths of office to uphold the

Do not expect media coverage until you
succeed in voting out those who trample
on the Constitution, and the people.

A Second American Revolution utilizing
the electoral  framework beqeathed us
by the Founders is required.

                                     Joe Sullivan

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