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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Thursday's Second Amendment
rally in Albany is about our liberty.

Yes, we need guns to protect
ourselves from those who seek to
do us harm,  and rule us, whether
they be foreign or domestic tyrants.

If the Second Amendment falls
the First, Fourth and Tenth will
be next.

Everyone's liberty is on the line
because our elected officials have
contempt for our Constitution and
Bill of Rights.

President Obama, Senate Leader
Reid, Governor Cuomo, NYC Mayor
Bloomberg, and many more are
trampling the Constitution and Bill
of Rights underfoot. They behave
as dictators and bullies, using guile
deception and outright lies in an
attempt to bring citizens to heel.

Sadly, the Congress and NYS
Legislature are submissive
willing accomplices in this
agenda to radically transform
America from a Constitutional
Republic to a socialist dictator-

Our elected officials behave
as if they were our rulers, rather
than our representatives whom
we elect to govern for our benefit.

They divide us into groups, pit one
group against another, with the
ultimate goal of political conquest.

The House of Representatives
has the power of the purse, and
are failing to use it to bring Obama
back in line. They are weak and
behaving like me-too Democrats
rather than boldly acting to uphold
our Constitutional Republic.

GOP governors are folding in line
rather than standing up to Obama.

The NYS Legislature is a partyline
stamp for a Governor who has lost
his political way.

Local governments are no better.

Government can't save us. We
must save ourselves and  our

How? By becoming informed
voters-who vote out those who
who trash our Constitution and
Bill of Rights. Those who behave
as tyrannical rulers seeking control
over every aspect of our lives.

The media has to stand for liberty
and reject political tyranny. Stop
serving as mouthpieces for the
politicians and brainwashing the

When the people loose their liberty
the media will loose theirs as well.
Freedom of the press will cease to

We need qualified candidates, who
support the Constitution, Bill of Rights
and our Constitutional Republic, to
run for every public office, in the
2013 local elections; and the 2014
congressional and state elections.

We need informed voters who put
America, before blind partyline
allegiance, to elect these candidates.

In the end, only the people can save
America and themselves.

                                  Joe Sullivan

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