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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Six days left in this session of the
NYS Legislature.

Go home now. Leave us in peace.

Too many laws. Too much BS.
Too much face time for politicical

Just shut up and do your jobs.

Repeal stupid, and unconstitutional
laws. Begin with the "Safe Act"
which keeps no one safe. Repeal
unfunded mandates on local
governments.  Tap New York's
vast natural gas resources. Put
people back to work. Stimulate
manufacturing and agricultural
production in Upstate NY.

No more phoney, deceptive laws
that expand government control
at the expense of liberty:

Less government intrusion in
our personal lives!  Curb spending.

Remember. We elect you to
represent us - not rule us.

                          Joe Sullivan

1 comment:

Rebecca Sarivan said...

Mr. Sullivan,

Will you be running for mayor of Albany? If so,could you please provide me with your email contact information and phone number? Also please let me know if the campaign has a website that you could refer me to.

I work with New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and we are working on scheduling a candidate forum on Sustainability with WAMC in July. I'd be happy to provide you with further details through an email. Thank you.

Becca Sarivan
Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving
New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
(212) 361-6359 ext. 205