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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Another megabill that has passed without
being read.

The divil is in the details, just like Obamacre.

Go to:

Americans will rue both.

Congress and Presidents haven't acted
to secure our borders in the past 30 years.

Dereliction of duty. Failure to uphold the
Constitution and their oaths of office.

Does anyone recall 1986 and 2006
legislation?  Amnesty first and border
security which never happened.

This obaminious bill is more of the same.
More lies , more deceit - too much discretion delegated to DHS and Napalitano who is on record as saying the border is secure. The bill
provides that she can do nothing.

The Traitors to America are those
Democrats and Republicans who  voted aye.The Patriots are those who voted nay.

The voting record:

America's fate now rests with the House
Republicans and Democrats.

Patriot voters must bring all the pressure
to bear on the House to not let the issue
be voted upon or sent to conference
committee.  Put it off for a year, until
the 2014 elections.

Meanwhile, enforce existing immigration
laws, end sanctuary status for illegal aliens
in states, cities and local comunities.

Secure the border with Mexico. Bring home
the troops from Afghanistan deploy them to
the border. Meanwhile deploy state national
guards to do the job.

In 2014 vote out congressional and state
officeholders who do not uphold the
Constitution and who put partyline loyalties
and self interest before America.

This means all the Democrats and
Republicans in the Senate who voted
aye, and who are up for election in 2014:

Go to:

All House of Representative Members
are up for election in 2014.

Locally, Tonko the Dipper (double)
should be replaced with  a patriot
who will put America and Albany
First, before party and self interest.

Patriot voters- only you can save America.

                                 Joe Sullivan

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