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Friday, June 7, 2013


Teachers will rally at the Capitol
Saturday, June 8:

I support:

* Get the federal government out
   of education- eliminate race to
   top and core curriculum

* More local control over education
   and curricula, testing and teacher/
   student evaluations. Reduce school
   adminstrations. More authority to
   teachers regarding how and what
   to teach

* Less reliance on property for support
   of schools- all residents have a stake
   in education- all should pay their fair
   share to support education

* Scrap mickey mouse testing. More
   emphasis on critical thinking skills
   performance and abilities.

 * Repeal  teacher evaluations based
    on student performance on
    standardized tests.

Search this website for numerous
posts on Education and City of Albany

Highly recommended:  "Learn This".

                             Joe Sullivan

                             candidate for
                             Albany Mayor

1 comment:

N Lebron said...

Mr. Sullivan:

Will you be attending the Mayor candidate forum this evening at the Albany Public Library, Main Branch? It starts at 6 pm.

The event was organized before you announced your intentions to run for Mayor.

Please reach out to for more information.