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Friday, March 14, 2014


Local news reports today.

Governor's office statement to
Mayor of Albany -"Don't count
on 11 million dollar state payment
in lieu of taxes (PILOT) for the 
Harriman State Office campus".

The Mayor, Common Council
County Executive, County
Legislature, and Members of
the State Senate/Assembly and
Members of the Democratic
Committee, who represent Albany
should respond saying 

" No  State Office Campus Pilot 
in 2014 -
Do not count on the votes of
the people of Albany City and
County in your bid for reelection
as Governor in the 2014 Democratic
Primary and November General

Of course the above public office
and party officials, do not have
the courage to stand up and say

If he were here, Dan O'Connell
would say this. But, Dan in gone
and there is no leader to issue
this declaration.

So, it falls to the voters of Albany
City and County to send this
message to the Governor.

                                Joe Sullivan

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