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Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Recently, top U S military and
naval officers have been relieved
of command for a variety of
alleged reasons.

The most important function of
The President of the USA is to
be Commander in Chief, responsible
for the security and territorial
integrity of the United States.

Incompetence, failure to honor
one's oath of office, attempting to
govern and rule by fiat, failure
to secure our national borders
and the territorial integrity of
the U S, destroying our economy.
health care system , unilaterally
disarming, granting amnesty to
tens of millions of illegal aliens
who have violated our borders
and rule of law - are all part
of a declared objective to
fundamentally (radically)
transform America.

The current Commander in
Chief is unfit and a danger to
the security and survival of
America, and all Americans.

Relieve him of command, now.

Impeach him!

                     Joe Sullivan

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