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Friday, March 14, 2014


Executive officers from the President
Governor and now Albany County
have assumed the posture of dictators
attempting to rule by fiat (executive
orders and public statements)
bypassing  Congress, state and county
legislative bodies

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy
has no authority to issue  a moratorium
on crude oil processing at the Port Of 

The Albany Port District Commission
consisting of 5 members nominated by 
the Mayors of the Cities of Albany (4)
and Rensselaer (1), and confirmed by
the Governor have authority and the
jurisdiction over the Port, subject to
the State Legislature.


The President is blocking construction
of the Keystone pipeline, the Governor
is blocking commencement of natural
gas drilling in NYS, and local officials
are attempting to block building a
refinery at the Port of Albany.

Refining Baakan oil at the Port of
Albany is the key to economic
development, creating good paying
jobs, balancing the City of Albany
budget,  property tax relief, lower
consumer prices for gasoline and 
home heating oil.

It is up to the voting public to
send this message to local elected
officials at the county and city
levels, as well as those who purport
to represent us in the  Congress
and NYS State Senate/Assembly.

Let us have a full turnout of
informed voters, casting ballots
in the 2014 party primaries and
November General Election.

Government can not save us.
We must save ourselves and our

                              Joe Sullivan

Notes on Port of Albany 192/25 : NY Code - Notes

Notes on Port of Albany 192/25 : NY Code - Notes
Notes on Port of Albany 192/25 : NY Code - Note

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