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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Local news reports tell us that
the Mayor of Albany has appointed
a panel to recommend, by September
2, where to set up red light cameras
in the City of Albany.

Now, what is more of a threat to the
people of Albany - someone running
a red light or foreign terrorists
pulling off a 9-11 type attack?

We are very vulnerable. Thanks
to failure of the President and
Congress to secure our borders
and address real immigtation
reforms including  limiting
immigration to highly skilled
persons, not from countries
which harbor terrorist who
are sworn to destroy America
not to grant student visas to
such persons, and to track them
down and deport them when they
overstay expired visas.

Our enemies already dwell
amongst us due to the failures
of the President and Congress
and the insane sanctuary policies
regarding illegal aliens that
are promoted by the Governors
of NY and Massachusetts, as
well as Mayors of NYC, Syracuse
and the Albany City Council.

Targets? They abound. The oil
trains have drawn most recent
attention in the media.  There
are many more ripe for 9-11
type attacks by the terrorists
already here.

The water, and sewer systems.
The electric power grid. Gas
lines. The Empire State Plaza
shopping malls, bridges, hospitals
schools, our food supply... the
list is large. You can be sure
that the foreign and, now,
domestic , terrorists amongst
us, have already identified
and scoped out targets that
would cause chaos, extreme
hardship and fear among the
general population, if attacked.

So, the wisest move regarding
deployment of cameras , is not
at traffic lights to detect persons
running red lights; but, rather
to deploy any such cameras to
protect our urban infrastructure
and poulation against devastating
9-11 type attacks.

In the final analysis, government
is incapable of saving us - we must
save ourselves and our government!

Get the picture?

                          Joe Sullivan

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