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Sunday, July 20, 2014


The leftist politicians, their public housing
puppets, the local media and NYS Homeland
Security have provided the foreign terrorists
all the publicity and details of routes, volumes
of oil, times/dates of shipments and port lay
out they need to strike a major blow at Albany.

Check out feature story and maps in the
Sunday Times Union.

When it happens won't be an accident.

All of the above will bear the responsibility
for it.

Recommend The State Office of Homeland
Security step up security pronto.

Public housing residents might consider
moving to Syracuse, where Leftist Mayor
Miner is housing illegal aliens who have
invaded our land.

The influx of tens of millions of illegals
will break the social services bank to
the detriment of native born lifers on
the dole.

Idiots all!

                                  Joe Sullivan

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