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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Here is a speech given by Rob Astorino, Oct 1
in which he identifies issues of concern and
presents the actions he would take, as Governor
regarding those issues:]

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a record  that contains
bad and good.

The bad includes:

1. Trashing our Second Amendment Rights  through
clandestine  passage of the "Safe Act".
He had support of Democrats and Republican State
Senate leadership in this tyranny.

The Constitutional violation has made all New
Yorkers less safe, particularly in light of terrorist
threats that could plunge the state into chaos
and civil disorder on a never before seen scale.

2. Failing to develop NY natural gas resources
which would spur economic development, job
growth  and prosperity in Upstate  New York
the Hudson Valley and NYC not seen since the
building of the Erie Canal, in the early 1800's.

3. Supporting  Federally sponsored "Common
Core" educational policies and mandating
teacher evaluation standards based on related
tests of student performance.

Education is a local-state matter according
to the Constitution. Teacher evaluation is a
best conducted at the local level, by voters
in school districts.

4. Supporting illegal alien invasion of NYS
offering illegals sanctuary and rewards for
their law breaking  including his "Dream
Act" support which would commit taxpayer
dollars to pay for college education for

The illegal alien invasion amounts to 3
or more million in NYS  which burdens
state taxpayers to provide for added
costs of law enforcement, social services
health care and schools  as well as
adversely impacting poor citizens who
are looking for jobs, forced to compete
for social services and who are trying
to complete higher education.

The Good?

1. Governor Cuomo has belatedly focused
on the priority issue that overshadows all
others - security and public safety.  

However,  his support of illegal alien
sanctuary and dream act  policies makes
his public safety and security pledges
moot. Terrorists are among the illegals.

2. Governor Cuomo has continued efforts
to restore the Harriman State Office Campus
in Albany, as home to state agencies and
the state workforce rather than privatizing
the Harriman Campus.

This is good for state workers and the
residents of  Albany city neighborhoods.

However,  Governor Cuomo has failed
to pay up the $11.5 million annual PILOT
payments (payment in lieu of taxes) to
the City government to compensate
city taxpayers, and provide them with
real property tax relief, for State use
of the Harriman Office Campus land.

The Albany City Mayor, Common Council
and Albany County Executive/Legislature
have not demanded that the Governor and
State Legislature honor this state obligation.

Nor, have those in the State Senate, Assembly
and U S Congress, who purport to represent
the citizens of Albany, done so.

All of the above, grovel and tow the party line
when they should be demanding that the
Governor and Legislature pay up before
the November 4 election.

The Mayors 2015 city budget proposal
misses the mark entirely.  Honor this demand
or relegate Albany residents to economic

What is Rob Astorino's position on the
$11.5 million PILOT from the State to the
City of Albany?

The message is simple:

"No Harriman State Office Campus PILOT.
  No vote for reelection November 4!"

Government can not save us. We must save
ourselves, our loved ones and our government.

It is up to the voters to deliver on the above
demand on Election Day,  November 4.

I invite Albany City and County voters to
join me in sending that message, by voting
on the Conservative ballot line,  Row C
November 4.

As the City of Albany goes, so will go the
County. Pay attention county voters!

Where an incumbent, such as Neil Breslin
NYS Senate District 44 (Cities of Albany
Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet and Towns of
Colonie, Bethlehem ,Green Island)
is unopposed - cast a write in vote  for
a declared write in candidate - in this case
 write in (print) Joe Sullivan in the write in
space for NYS Senate District 44
Be sure to fill in the oval in the
write in space.

Control of the State Senate may come
down to one vote.

Leadership or Lemming like party line
voting ? The choice is yours.

November 4 send a loud, clear message
to the Governor and NYS Legislature-

No Harriman State Office Pilot - No vote!

In elections that may turn out to be
closely contested, the votes of the
44th State Senate District and County
of Albany voters may determine who
is elected, and who controls the State

Pass the word. Encourage a large
turnout of informed voters, November 4.

If nearly 90 percents of the Scots voted
in their recent election, can't Americans
be expected to match that turnout on
November 4?

                                    Joe Sullivan


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