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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The resignation of longtime
Assembly Speaker Sheldon
Silver provides an opportunity
for a change in leadership
that will restore political
balance in the Assembly and
state and set a new course
that will benefit all the people
of NY State.

Elect Morelle , Speaker and
Farrell  Majority Leader.

This can happen by Democrats
from the Suburbs and Upstate
uniting with the Members of
the Republican Conference.

The interests of Upstate, the
suburbs and NYC can be best
served by this leadership team.

One of the first acts of this
new leadership should be 
Repeal of the NY Safe Act
and restoration of government
based on the Constitution.

A second action should be
approval of natural gas drilling
in Upstate NY. This will spur
economic development akin
to the impact of building the
Erie Canal in the early 1800's.

A third action should be approval
of a refinery at the Port of Albany
to refine Dakota oil coming to the
Port via rail

Jobs, low cost, clean energy
will benefit all the people Upstate 
and down.

A refinery at the Port of Albany
will mean good jobs, improve the
property tax base and financial
stability of the City of Albany
and lower costs of gasoline and
home heating oil to benefit all.

Assembly Members put aside
blind party allegiance and control
for the good of all the people and
regions of NY State.

Do not squander this unique
opportunity to restore New York
as the Empire State  and improve
the quality of life for all the
citizens of this state.

A roll call vote will tell us where
each of you stood - to benefit the
people or yourselves.

                              Joe Sullivan


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