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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Jihad or Hari-Kari? No war
can be deemed "Holy". Ask
any living veteran.

For more than a thousand
years self professed adherents
of Islam have perpetrated
aggression with the object
of establishing a worldwide
Islamic Caliphate.

Charles The Hammer led
the European response
followed by the Crusades.

Are Jihadists  committing 

How long will it be until
terrorists actions result
in the rise of another
Charles The Hammer?

Muslims who reside in
Europe, America, Canada
Australia, and elsewhere
in the world, have to ask
themselves fundamental

Is Islam a religion? If so,
a religion of peace or of
submission? Submission
to whom? To What?

Egyptian President el  Sissi
has presented his response:

Are you true citizens of
your adopted homelands
who wish to assimilate
with the populations and
cultures of those lands?
Or, do you seek to gain
control of the governments
economies and cultures of
those lands?

Are you part of the move
to establish an Islamic

Who is to lead that

Do you truly want to live
in peace or are you intent
on committing Hari-kari?

Muslims who dwell in
foreign lands have to decide
their fates now- are you
with or against the populations
of your adopted homelands?

Decide sooner than later
because your and our fates
hang in the balance.

                    Joe Sullivan

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