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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Plant a tree or two  on
your property this year.

Care for existing trees.

Trees improve property
values, act as air conditioners
in summer, windbreaks in winter
beautify your property and
neighborhood   and contribute
to improved air quality by
absorbing carbon dioxide
and emitting oxygen.

The street trees along New
Scotland Avenue  are in bad
shape: age, vehicle emissions
from growing traffic volumes
excessive road salt dumping
collisions with speeding out
of control vehicles, and lack
of care have all taken their

New Scotland Ave, South
Manning Blvd, Whitehall
Rd. Western Ave, Krum
Kill Rd and other heavily
trafficked neighborhood
streets are in need of  an
urban reforestation project.

We don't need a government

If every homeowner planted
a tree or two and cared for
existing trees - this would do.

The City of Albany has a
street tree planting program
that offers trees planted at
a nominal cost to homeowners
who then must care for the

Each spring Albany Soil and
Water Conservation District
and those of neighboring counties
sponsor tree and shrub sales
offering conifers, deciduous
trees and a variety of shrubs
at nominal costs.

Neighbors can work together
in sharing/planting bundles
of 5 or 10.

Keep and eye out for land
that is being cleared for
development - save a tree
or two- transplant them
to your property.

Be sure to get permission
from the landowner-developer.

When planting/digging always
check with local utilities who
will mark where underground
lines exist.

Don't plant  trees under
overground utility wires 
that will grow too large.

For curbside locations
select tree varieties that
can withstand road salt and
vehicle emissions.

For better survival, plant
trees on your front lawns
away from road hazards.

Hate leaves? Don't! Raking
is good exercise. Compost
them in a corner of your yard
instead of putting them out
at the curb for city pick up.

While you are at it- kick
your addiction to lawn chemicals
and excessive use of chemical

Make use of your composted
leaves, to grow greener, healthy

You, your family, and pets
as well as your neighbors will
be healthier for it.

                       Joe Sullivan

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