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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


White Death Returns. Road salt season has begun. Main roads
like New Scotland Ave, Buckingham Dr, Krum Kill Rd-Bender La
once again have had excessive amounts of road salt dumped on
them. The powdery residue was whipped about by high winds

However, Berkshire Blv and side streets tributary to Buckingham
Pond Park are relatively free of excessive road salt residue. May
be the City is saving money ? Smart move.

Cutting back dramatically on the amount of road salt dumped on
local streets has more benefits, in addition to saving money for the
City and taxpayers. Less salt, does less damage to road surfaces
building exteriors, street trees , as well as to our expensive tires
and vehicles. Less road salt means cleaner air and less respiratory
distress and other health problems resulting from the road salt
laden smog that hangs over Albany in winter and early spring.

The State could save tons of money by dumping less road salt on
state roads. Exhibit A are the perimeter roads around the Harriman

The same goes for parkings lots of local medical facilities and

Sand is a viable, less harmful alternative. Of course, drivers must
wise up and slow down when snow and ice conditions exist. Also
when heavy rains inundate local streets.

Neighborhood News. This website replaces the door to door
delivery of newsletters that occurred during the past 20 years of
this Association. Pass the word to your neighbors. If they do not
have computers, print them copies of relevant on-line entries from
this website, or verbally relay information by phone.

Neighborhood Watch. All residents are part of our neighborhood
watch. Keep an eye on what goes on day and night on your block
and neighborhood streets. Stonehenge apartment dwellers and
homeowners around the perimeter of Buckingham Pond Park can
keep watch over the park.

Dog walkers, strollers, joggers and drivers should have their cell
phones, with them, at all times, to make police, emergency or
fire calls. (911) Have cell phones set to following numbers.

Call the Albany Police Center Station 458 5660 when necessary.
As a courtesy let me know also, by phone: 438 5230.

The state anti-terror hotline number is:
1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Buckingham Pond Park The tree that was knocked down and
pushed to the side of the Milner Ave path has been removed.

Walking around the pond, tonight, the lights reflected off the
newly formed ice. It was possible to see the outlines of
numerous small deltas formed by shoreline erosion and
slumping along the Northern and eastern shores of the pond.
Notice that the guard rails are leaning toward the pond. This
is further evidence of soil creep and slumping that is taking


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