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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

U S to European powers (and now Asia, South Asia
and Radical Islamists):

A new Soviet missle crisis is unfolding while America worries
about the economic crisis, and Americans are at the mall
doing their Christmas shopping.

Venezuela's tin horn dictator Chavez, wants the U S
destroyed. So do the radical Islamists.

Iran is allying with Chavez. So, to Russia. Russian warships
capable of launching missles at US and Canadian cities
are in Latin American

Russia and Venezuela are suffering from the decline of
oil revenues and both are on the verge of collapse.
They are desperate.

But, beware, a beheaded rattlesnake still has the
venom to strike and kill you.

With all likelihood Iran and Russia, now allies, are setting
up similar missle capability in Venezuela.

China has the Panama Canal and is preparing to suck the
Gulf of Mexico offshore oil dry. Mexico and China have
become pals.

Meanwhile, our federal government is in transition...a very
dangerous time for us. Who is really in charge? Anybody?
What, if anything, is being done to counter what is
underway here?

Where are the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson
Monroe, Madison, John Paul Jones, Commodore Barry
Jackson, Black Jack Pershing, Patton and MacArthur
when we need them?

Joe Sullivan

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