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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Albany Common Council Members are witless
pc sheep ,out of touch with reality, in our post
9-11 world.

We are at war with radical lunitics who want to
destroy us, America and our way of life and

If governments, at all levels, were more diligent
the 9-11 attackers would not have gotten driver's
licenses and flight training in America.
9-11 would not have happened.

This action of the Albany Common Council
if adhered to, will only make it easier for
Al Qaeda, and their domestic allies, to put a
target on Albany for one of their next terror
attacks. Our enemies must be laughing at this
hapless body of elected boobs.

Put them out to pasture in the
September 15 Democratic Primary.

Corey Ellis, Mayoral candidate has snatched
defeat from the jaws of victory, with his
foolhardy vote.
Carolyn McLaughlin is not Common Council
President material.
Smith, Calsolaro, Scalzo, Conti, Fahey
Rosenzweig Sano, O'Brien, Herring and
Igoe must go.

About a month remains for circulating Independent
petitions to challenge each unopposed ,incumbent
Council Member who voted for this treasonous

None should go unchallenged!

Where are the Tea Party participants and
defenders of America when they are needed?

The public is not safe with the incumbent Common
Council Members in public office.

Public safety is a priority issue in the coming city

If we are not safe, nothing else matters.

Fortunately, their Resolution calling for police
firefighters and EMT's ,not to ask people their
citizenship-immigration status, is not law. It
is merely a non-binding expression of lunacy.

Hopefully, this misguided, dangerous Resolution
will be ignored by the law enforcement and public
safety workers.

And, hopefully, voters will vote smart, realizing
that government won't save us...
we must save ourselves from our government.

Joe Sullivan
Democrat For
Member, Common Council
Ward 14 City of Albany

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