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Monday, July 20, 2009


The ward is a residential one, consisting
of single family homes , several apartment
complexes, including Stonehenge, Ohav
Shalom Senior housing, and smaller
apartment units along S. Allen St and
Western Avenue.

The resident population includes familes
with children, empty nesters, retirees
seniors, and professionals.

There are about 4,400 voters in Ward 14.
3400 are enrolled Democrats.

The 2005 Democratic Primary provides
some perspective as to what can be
expected in the September 15, 2009
Democratic Primary in Ward 14.

In the 2005 Democratic Primary 1,955
Democrats voted. 1,400 did not.

Incumbent Mayor Jennings received
about 1,500 votes.
His opponent , Arche Goodbee

Incumbent Joe Igoe received 1,197
votes. His challenger, Michael Whalen
674. 1,500 Democrats did not vote in
that primary.

Looking at it another way: Incumbent
Igoe received 1,197 votes, while 2,223
Democrats did not vote for him.

The 2009 Democratic Primary presents
a somewhat similar scenario as far as
Democratic voter turnout. However, the
primary outcomes may be very different
because of widespread voter dissatisfaction.

Mayor Jennings is likely to carry the ward
but by a smaller margin.

The outcome of the Council race could be
very different.

Why? Those 2,223 Democrats who did
not vote for Igoe, or not at all
in the 2005 Democratic Primary.

When they make the effort to become
informed and vote, for me, on
September 15 based on :

1. My qualifications and independence.

2. My 22 year record of leadership and
achievements ,as President of the
Buckingham Pond-Crestwood Neighborhood
Association, maintaining and improving
the residential integrity and quality of
life, for the benefit of the people of this
ward/neighborhood and adjoining ones.

3. My articulation of and stands on the
issues vital to the futures of all who call
this ward and this city home.

a) Public Safety
1. Increased police presence in the
to deter increasing crime and control
increasing volumes of speeding traffic
on neighborhood residential streets.

2. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
by individuals, households, churches
synagogues, schools, and local

We live in perilous times and can not
rely on government to save us- we
must prepare to save ourselves from
whatever may happen in the days
and months ahead.

3. Realizing property tax relief by
consolidating city schools with city
government, establishing ONE property
tax roll to fund both, returning to a
K-8 neighborhood school system and
making the Mayor and Common Council
responsible/accountable for city school
operation and performance.

As Member of the Albany Common Council
representing Ward 14, I will sponsor and
push for passage of a Home Rule Request
from the Council to State Legislature calling
for the necessary amendments to state law
to achieve this result.

4. Vastly improve the condition of Buckingham
Pond Park. It is the jewel of our neighborhood
and deserves care, maintenance and improve-
ment putting it on par with Washington Park.
See neighborhood website for detailed

5. Albany must prepare for a return of
population to the city, as oil becomes too
expensive, and not available at any price.

This means improving the aging water
and sewer infrastructure, planning
neighborhoods that have churches
schools and stores within walking
distance, replacing the housing
stock of blighted neighborhoods
establishing a city wide trolley network
and building a light rail network
connecting the city with suburbs,
solving the vexing problems associated
with the city landfill and waste disposal
expanding/improving neighborhood
green spaces and a vigorous program
of program of urban reforestation
and community gardens.

Doing these things will put people
to work and vastly improve the
quality and sustainability of urban

6. Uphold the U S and State Constitutions
in particular, the First Amendment and
Second Amendment right of law abiding
citizens to bear arms to protect themselves
their loved ones, and their property from
those who do not believe in the rule of
law, and from government tyranny.

Read postings/archives of Lonerangeralbany
for much more detail.

Please share this information with family
friends and neighbors so that they may cast
informed votes in the 14th Ward primary
for Member of Albany Common Council to
represent the residents of our ward, as well
as the City of Albany.

You will see me and my campaign sidekicks
Red Paddy and Spotted Mick , sometime
between now and Primary Day
Tuesday, September 15.
Polls will be open Noon to 9 pm.

Absentee and military ballots are important.

Contact the Albany County Board of
Elections 487 5060 for information on
registering to vote in the primary and for
absentee/military ballot applications.


That's all folks. Have a nice summer.

Joseph P Sullivan
Democratic Candidate
for Member, Common
Council, Ward 14

Tel/Fax 438 5230

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