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Thursday, July 16, 2009


This evening I filed, via U S Mail, Democratic
Independence and Conservative Party petitions
for Member of Common Council from Ward 14.

Ward 14 voters have a clear choice. They can
compare my 22 year record of accomplishments
as President of The Buckingham Pond-Crestwood
Neighborhood Association with the Incumbent's
12 year record as Council Member.

My qualifications are excellent.

U. S. Veteran. BS in Geography from the
U. of Wisconsin. Attended on Korean GI Bill.
MA in Geography from U of Minnesota.
Attended on a National Fellowship.

Many years experience political experience.

My leadership has resulted in:

1. Creation of permanent green spaces on New
Scotland Avenue at Krum Kill Rd and S. Manning

2. County clean up of the abandoned gas station
at Whitehall and New Scotland. Promotion of
creating the Dan O Connell Memorial Pocket Park
on the 3/4 acre site and senior housing on the
adjacent 8-10 acres.

3. Defeat of 2 attempts to build a big box drug
store at Krum Kill and New Scotland.

4. Defeat of a plan to build a 12 story apartment
tower and parking garage on the wooded ravine
containing 2 small wetlands, opposite Ohav Shalom.

5. Defeat of a plan to build luxury housing on the
Albany Municipal Golf Course.

6. Rezoning the Golf Course, Hartman Rd Community
Garden site and Buckingham Pond Land
Conservation (LC)

7. Defeat of a move by St Peter's Hospital to convert
the residence at the corner of New Scotland and
S. Manning into a half way house. The house
remains a well kept single family residence which
is a credit to the neighborhood.

8. Defeat of a plan to convert Mercy Convent to
offices. The convent remains home to Sisters of

9. Maintaining Crestwood Plaza as a neighborhood
retail plaza.

There is more, but you get the idea.

Ward 14 voters can compare my stands on issues
vital to maintaining the residential integrity and
quality of life in the neighborhood, ward and city.

I stand for:

1. Increased efforts to promote Public Safety

a. Increased police presence on Ward residential
streets and in Buckingham Pond Park to deter crime
and control the growing volumes of vehicular traffic.

b. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness by households
churches, synagogues, schools, senior housing and
apartments, as well as neighborhood businesses.
Residents can not rely on government to save us
when a disaster or terror attack occurs. We must
prepare to save ourselves.

Part of the state office campus should be set aside
to provide shelter, warmth, food and water tfor
residents of the adjacent 14th, 15th and 13th
Wards during a disaster or terror attack.
The former dining hall, now vacant, is an ideal
site for this. The building should be rehabilitated
and stocked to serve as an emergency/disaster
relief center.

2. Providing property tax relief to homeowners
and businesses by consolidating city schools with
city government, creating one property tax roll
to fund both, returning to K-8 neighborhood
schools and placing responsibility/accountability
for city school operations/performance with
the Mayor and Common Council.

This will require sponsorship, and passage, of
a Home Rule Request in the Albany Common
Council and sending that request to the State
Legislature to make the necessary amendments
to State Law that will allow Albany to implement
the consolidation of city schools with city
government together with
related actions presented above.

As Member of the Common Council, from
Ward 14 ,I will sponsor and promote this
Home Rule Request.

3. Significant improvements to Buckingham Pond
Park as enumerated on the neighborhood website:

The pond park is the centerpiece of our
neighborhood and ward . It must be placed on
par with the care and attention given to
Washington Park.

I ask for your votes, so that I may deliver
on this platform.

The Primary is September 15, Noon to 9 pm.
The General Election is November 3.
Polls will be open 6 am to 6 pm.

Pass the word to family, neighbors and

Sincere thanks to those who signed my
petitions enabling me to qualify for the

Enjoy the summer.

Thank you.

Joe Sullivan

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