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Monday, September 21, 2009


Since the peasantry (Capital District Voters) are
not invited to see and hear the President at HVCC
today, and
because the Capital District media will give much
coverage of the event -
would some courageous media person tell the
President, on behalf of all senior citizens, to restore
Social Security cost of living increases (COLA'S).

The Obama Administration has suspended
Social Security COLA'S for the next two years.

The funding to restore Social Security COLA'S
could be achieved by cancelling 2 billion dollars
U S aid to Brazil's national oil company, to drill
for oil off the coast of Rio
as well as cancelling funding for ACORN and
any similar groups, including the President's
proposed civilian defense force which will
according to the President, will be larger, more
powerful and better funded than the U S military.

You might ask him ,also, is it true that military
reenlistment bonuses will be abolished?

Joe Sullivan

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