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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



We have been at war since 9-11-01.
The enemy does not wear uniforms.
Terror is their weapon. They bide their
time and wait for the signals to strike.

The Home Front has become the front line in
this terror war. 9-11 was only the first strike.
There will be more, much more.

The federal government has failed to secure our
borders and ports. Cities have become sanctuary
cities for illegals and those who will harm us.

The foreign terrorists have allied with domestic
anti-social malcontents, gangbangers and the
like- providing drugs, money, weapons, training
and indoctrination of domestic malcontents who
already hate their government, the police, and
their fellow citizens.

Consider this recent warning about mass
transit terror strikes.

Think also, about churches, synagogues,schools
large public gatherings at sporting/entertainment
events, government buildings, utility lines, sewer
systems, chemical plants, rail lines, bridges, tunnels.

Hunting season is soon upon us. A perfect time for
camoflauged individuals and groups, bearing arms
to move about the land and highways, hunting
targets of opportunity, instead of game.

The targets are unlimited. Security depends
on each of us. Be alert, sharpen your observation
skills. Anticipate. Act.

Call the Albany Police and/or Anti-terror hotline when
you observe suspicious individuals, groups, activities:

Center Square Station APD - 458 5660

Anti-Terror Hotline- 1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Do not depend on government to save you, when
disasters/terror attacks occur, and the ensuing
civil disorder follows.

Be prepared to save yourselves. Set aside water
food, medicines, alternate sources of light/heat.

Exercise your Second Amendment Right to bear
arms to protect yourselves, your loved ones, your

Consider that, New Orleans, during Katrina, most
of the police and firemen lived outside the city and
did not report to work. They remained at home
protecting their loved ones- their first responsibilty.

The same scenario can be expected in Albany
where most of the police and firemen, live outside
the city.

You, and your neighbors ,will be on your own.
Network for mutual assistance.

Can you fight fires without water? Keep your auto
gas tank full at all times because you can't pump
gas when their is no electricity. Your cell phones
will not work if the towers are down.

Have a household disaster/emergency plan. Keep
go bags of essential supplies in your vehicles, in
case you have to evacuate the city immediately.
Have an escape route selected. Have a rendezvous
location set where all family members can make
their way to.

Churches, synagogues, schools, senior housing
and other apartments must get on the ball
without delay, prepare to serve as emergency

Well stocked kitchens, water, electric
generators etc
should be available. Increase security.

Know basic First Aid and have First Aid supplies
on hand.

Have the Red Cross show your how to prepare,
before disasters/terror attacks occur. The Red
Cross will be overwhelmed when they do.

This is not a drill. Those who fail to prepare
now, will not survive.

Joe Sullivan

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