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Saturday, September 26, 2009


In our form of government, we, the people
elect officeholders to represent us.

We are not their servants. They are elected
to serve us.

When government fails us, it is our
responsibility to correct those failures
through the electoral process,

We do this by casting informed votes
in elections.

In primaries, parties and special interests
rule. Challengers seldom prevail.

In a one party city, like Albany, the
primary winners are the defacto winners
in the November General Election.

Those who vote in the General Election
get what is left after poltical parties have
made their choices of candidates, with
or without primaries.

Our Founding Fathers did not provide
for political parties when creating our
form of government.

Political parties evolved later. Parties
represent special interests and exist to
control the government. Our two party
system was meant to provide a system
of checks and balances ao that the
party in power does not go astray.

We have reached a point in our national
history where one party dominance has
resulted in government, at all levels, that
has gone astray.

There is little discernable difference
between the two major political parties
Democrat or Republican. The minor parties:
Independence, Conservative and Working
Families parties, are largely, adjuncts of the
two major parties. The latter seldom field
their own candidates. The minor parties
generally endorse major party candidates.

Forget about, party priniciples - all that
really governs this arrangement is the quest
for political power, control and patronage.

In essence, political parties are merely
ballot lines.

Yet, there exists a safety valve for the
people to have their say in the November 3rd
General Election - the write in vote.

The write in vote is, in effect, a referenda
in a state where referendum and initiative
do not exist.

In order for the write in option to work -
the following conditions must exist:

1. a write in candidate, with a message
must work to get his/her message to
the voters

2. the voters must be paying attention
comprehend that message and compare
it with the messages of other candidates
for the same office

3. the voters must vote and cast informed

4. the media must explain the write in
voting procedures, on voting machines
and paper ballots, to the voters and inform
voters of write in candidates who have

5. the Board of Elections must make certain
that voting machines are mechanically
prepared for write in voting, that paper rolls
are installed, that the paper rolls are
safeguarded, and correctly counted when
voting machines are canvassed after election.

6. absentee and 603 paper ballots provide
space(s) for write in votes, and that such
paper ballots be safeguarded and duly

7. Election Inspectors have to recognize that
their obligation is to run a fair election at
the polling place where they are assigned.
Their obligation is to the people, not the
party that appoints them.

Election Inspectors must make sure that
the write in function of the voting machines
work, and instruct voters, who request
assistance , on how to do a write in on a
voting machine.

Joe Sullivan

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