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Monday, May 17, 2010




Locally, we have school budget votes. Are
property owners, in particular senior
citizens, who are getting no social security
cola's for two years, going to vote for or
against school school budgets that increase
spending and property taxes? Will they
turn out to vote at all?

On the national political scene, there are
a number of House and Senate party
primaries that may provide some indication
of what voters may do in the November 2
General Elections.

Of most note is that the Tea Party Movement
is only identified as a factor in one contest -
the GOP primary for U S Senate in Kentucky.
And it that contest, the involvement constitutes
"endorsement". Anything else?

The Tea Party Movement does not appear to
be a factor in the Democratic primaries in
Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

One might argue that the Tea Party Movement
will have most impact in the November 2
General Elections. Maybe. Maybe not.

Here in New York, particularly in the Capital
District, one must note that the Tea Party
Movement has, yet, to embrace announced
candidates, or field candidates of their own
for most State Senate, Assembly and
Congressional seats in the November 2
General Election

Debbie Busch GOP candidate for NYS Assembly
104 District and Chris Gibson GOP candidate
for Congress 20th District have support of Tea
Party groups.

However, if the Tea Party Movement is to be
a successful force in the November 2 General
Elections, the Tea Party Movement has to
get behind announced candidates for state
legislature, particularly the State Senate
where control of that body and maintaining
a balance of power are key issues; and
congressional races in every district, where
repealing Obamacare, and opposing the
Obama-Pelosi agenda of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America are at stake.

The First day to circulate, sign and witness
party designating petitions, June 8, is fast

The Tea Party Movement has to get on the
November 2 General Election train, now, or
be left behind on the train station platform.

Time for speeches, meet ups, rallys, protests
are over. The name of the game, now, is
action to support candidates to qualify for
the November 2 General Election ballot. In
a word petitioning. This requires organized
effort to get the requisite number of valid
signatures of enrolled party members on
particular party designating petitions during
the month of June. No small endeavor.

Joe Sullivan

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