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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Two Presidentes are meeting in Washington DC.

One has an agenda of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America. The other is a key partner
in that agenda.

Neither is serving the best interests of America
nor Mexico.

Presidente Obama is no Gringo. He and
Presidente Calderon are amigoes who are
playing the race card to the detriment of the
peoples of both nations.

The Heritage Foundation frames the key issues
involving both the U S and Mexico in this report:

Presidents Calderón and Obama have a duty to their citizens to advance a responsible neighbor policy focused on security and law enforcement cooperation, the legal movements of migrants and temporary workers, and mutually beneficial trade and investment ties founded on transparency, rule of law, and respect for national sovereignty.

If Presidente Obama were a Gringo, he would
announce an embargo of Mexico. No U.S.
tourism to Mexico, freezing transfer of money
from the U S to Mexico and halting trade with
Mexico; until Presidente Calderon ,and the
Mexican government ,seal their border with
the United States and bring an end to the
drug trade and illegal immigration into the
United States, from Mexico.

If Mexico applied it's harsh treatment of
persons illegally entering Mexico to those
engaged in the drug trade and associated
violence, and those illegally entering the
U.S., both problems would be quickly

Calderon should be sent high tailing it for
the Mexican border.

As for Presidente Obama, American voters
must send him a clear message in 2010.

*Secure our National borders and ports.

*No Amnesty for the tens of millions of
illegal aliens who have invaded our land.

*No jobs, or public benefits, of any kind
for illegals.

*Immediate deportation of all illegals in
U S prisons and jails to their countries of

*No U.S. state or local government
sanctuary policies regarding illegals will
be tolerated.

Presidente Obama should also be sent
high tailing for Mexico, if he fails to adopt
these policies. He would find out, first hand
how Mexico treats illegal aliens who
violate Mexico's borders.

Presidente Calderon should concentrate
on reforming his corrupt government, at
all levels; and providing for the development
of a safe, properous nation, free of drug
violence. A nation whose citizens do not
have to sneak across the border to find a
better life.

Joe Sullivan

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