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Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 IS 1775

The peasantry is suffering excessive
taxation without representation.

Sir Sheldon, leader of the colonial
legislature says the landed peasantry
can wait for property tax relief until
a new colonial governor (Prince
Andrew ,or, maybe, Carl the Hammer?)
is installed, next year.

Tory Loyalist,  Squire McEneny,
Member of the colonial legislature
dances to the tunes played by Sir
Sheldon and King Obama.

The Squire supports Sir Sheldon's
sugar tax, Obamacare and King
Obama's agenda to radically
transform America.

The Squire mocks the peasantry
and declares they are not welcome
in the colonial Capitol:

Lord Tonko, Member of Parliament
is another Tory Loyalist who voted
for Obamacare, Cap and Trade and
reckless "stimulus" spending. Tonko
is a rubber stamp for King Obama's
agenda to radically transform America.

November 2 is Independence Day.

Time for the oppressed peasantry to
get out the pitchforks, rise up and
restore our Constitutional representative
form of government, which we have
inherited from the Founders and which
we are Honor Bound to uphold.

                                    Joe Sullivan

                                    citizen write in
                                    candidate for
                                    in Congress
                                    21 CD NY

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