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Friday, October 15, 2010


The new voting systems in New York
give power to the people.

Write in voting is a viable alternative
to voting for candidates presented by
the various political parties.

When the Founders produced the
Constitution, they did not envision
or provide for political parties.

The write in option puts the voters
in charge of elections.

I ask voters of the 21st Congressional
District of New York, to write in
my name - Joe Sullivan -
for Representative in Congress.

When you write in (vote) for me
you are voting for the positions I
have taken on vital issues of the day.

New York State does not have initiative
and referenda - but a write in vote is
as close as a voter can get.

Of course, you will not agree 100%
with every position I have taken.

There is no such creature as a perfect
candidate...or a perfect voter, either.

We just do the best we can.

Study the posts on my web site:

Compare my web site posts on issues
vital to the survival of America, and
all Americans, with the issue positions
presented by Incumbent Paul Tonko
who has 3 ballot lines and Ted Danz
who has 2 ballot lines.

The posts on my web site are my own
thoughts, views and positions on the
vital issues at stake in this election
presented in my own words.

In contrast, the issues posts on the
Tonko and Danz web sites are the
work of political operatives, not
Tonko or Danz.

If you want term limits, substance
independence and campaign reform
and a Representative who will truly
represent you in Congress -
I am your man.

I am an Independent citizen
candidate who puts America
before blind allegiance to any
political party.

The survival of America, and all
Americans, are on the line in the
November 2 General Election.

This may be your last chance to
get it right.

A vote for Paul Tonko is a vote
for the Obama-Pelosi agenda to
radically transform America.

Democratic Party officeholders
and county party officials may
be prepared to blindly follow
Obama off the cliff, like Lemmings
on their way to their doom; but
I do not believe that rank and
file Democrats, who love their
country, and their way of life ,are
prepared to join the Lemmings.

A vote for Ted Danz is a vote for
a successful local small businessman
who is a sincere candidate, but who
lacks the perspective, knowledge
communication skills and message
required of one who would be an
independent leader, rather than
a  GOP party follower in the  U S
House of Representatives.

Being a successful small businessman
does not, in the case of Danz, translate 
into being an effective Representative
in Congress, at this critical time in
the history of our Nation.

We can not depend on the media to
let you know that I am a declared
write in candidate for Congress and
that I have a substantive web site.

It is up to you and to me to pass
the word, to all whom we know,
by telephone, internet and personal

The media pays lip service to campaign
reform, but is caught up in pay to play
relying on the cash  jackpots put up by
special interests  fund candidates, who
buy media air time and print.

The media will deny this, but the fact
is few newspapers, tv and radio stations
can survive without the annual infusions
of candidate and special interest cash.

Local landscapes are littered with signs
that have no message other than the
names of candidates and, sometimes,
the public offices they seek.

Most candidate web sites contain
pleas for cash, but very little
substance on vital issues.

The "debates" that appear on tv
and candidate voter guides that
appear in print  do not offer much

The internet puts you and me in

Pass the word to family, neighbors
and friends who are not connected
to the internet.

In conclusion, all or part of 7
counties: Albany, Schenectady
Schoharie, Montgomery, Fulton
Saratoga and Rensselaer are in
the 21st Congressional District.

Ballots in all of the above provide
a write in space at  the bottom of
the paper ballot and the bottom
of the column for Representative
in Congress.

Just write in (print) my name


taking care to stay within the
lines bordering the write in space.

In Albany and Schenectady Counties
voters have to fill in (darken) the oval
that appears in the write in space, in
order to cast a complete, valid write in

In the other counties,  just the write in
is all that is required.

I will be out and about the 21st District
meeting voters and emailing my message.

I am not asking you for a dime - just
pass the word about my write in candidacy
and web site, to all you know.

Together, we will make a major step
toward restoring the Constitutional
Representative form of government
we inherited from the Founders, and
which is essential to the our survival
our descendants  and future generations.

Pass the word to all you know.

Thank you.

                                       Joe Sullivan

                                       citizen write in
                                       candidate for
                                       Representative in
                                       Congress 21 CD NY

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