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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is a gloomy, rainy day in New York
but the sun is shining elsewhere in

The political scene in New York is as
gloomy as the weather.

Mick , Paddy and me were pondering
options for voting on November 2.

For whom do we vote?

In the contest for Governor, Andrew
appears to have the edge, not because
of his enrollment or positions on issues
but because Carl Paladino is behaving
like Napoleon at Waterloo. 

Duke has lost it too, and is in rehab
undergoing anger management training.

Mick and Paddy are very wise creatures
with very forgiving natures. They don't
hate the Grand Ayatollah of  Iran for his
Dog Fatwah. Nor, have they written off
Carl for Governor.

Mick and Paddy are quite astute when
it comes to the political scene in New York
as well.

Here is their assessment:

Campaign 2010 is a train wreck in
New York.

Anyone who aspires to be Governor now
in New York has to be mad, or at the very
least delusional.

Neither Andrew, nor Carl, by themselves
can save New York, or us.

Andrew has a message but it is not
believable. More of the same old
sanctimonious rhetoric and pandering
to the party base.

Carl has no message other
than he is going to come to Albany
with a baseball bat, clean house and
take out the trash.

So, what are voters to do?

A vote for Andrew is a vote for more
of the same.

Andrew may be elected Governor
but he will come to wish he had run
for re-election as AG.

You know the old saying.."be careful
what you wish for  (aspire to)"...

So, voters are left with the option of
a protest vote. You know.. anybody but

Who then? The Ho, or others? No!

Reward,  Rino GOP and Conservative Party
leaders who conspired to promote Rick Lazio?

What then?

Support Carl Paladino and other candidates
who have the Independent Taxpayers ballot

This is a logical protest vote which sends
a message to politicians who survive the
November 2 elections- that

1. Property tax relief is the priority need
at the local and state levels. This need will
be met, not by a phoney tax cap, or a
circuit breaker, but by complete overhaul
of education in New York. Zero based
school budgets for the next three years.
Reductions in spending for education.
Consolidation of city schools with city
governments, establishment of one tax roll
payable once a year, to fund both; return
to K-8 neighborhood schools, and making
mayors/city councils responsible/accountable
for city the operation/performance of city

Completely overhauling and streamlining
the State Education Department, including
more local flexibility and control of school
curriculums which lead to graduating
students who are productive members of
society and informed citizen voters.

2. Sending a message to Congress:

a) Extend  all the so called "Bush" tax cuts
that benefitted all taxpayers and hold the
key to economic recovery at the local, state
and national levels.

b) No VAT tax.

Mick and Paddy have concluded that
despite the  hopelessness of the political
scene in New York - there is still hope.

Americans, in other states, will restore
our representative, Constitutional form
of government.

The Democrats will lose control of
Congress, derailing the Obama agenda
to radically transform America and the
Democrats will lose control of the
NY State Senate.

Balance will be restored to our national
and state governments.

Even if Andrew, Chuckie ,  Tonko and
some of the others survive - they will be
in the political minority.

So, it is up to the voters to take charge.

Dogs can't save the world.

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves and our government.

In the end, America, all Americans
New York and all New Yorkers, will
be the better for this.

                                       Joe Sullivan

                                       Write in
                                       Candidate for
                                       in Congress
                                       21 CD NY

*  10/7  Carl to announce...what?

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