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Thursday, October 7, 2010


NY Governor Paterson and NYC Mayor
Bloomberg are on the right trail regarding
the food stamp program, but don't go far

How many of us stand in supermarket
checkout lines and witness blatant abuse
and misuse of the food stamp program.

Overweight women, wearing jewelry
with carts full of junk food paid for
with food stamps.

Outside the market they load up late
model vehicles and drive away.

Then, there are the abuses not so
easily observed- the use of food stamps
as underground currency to purchase
other goods and services, including
drugs, cars, illegal guns etc.

The food stamp recipients then go
to the local food pantries to obtain
free food.

The solution is to return to a commodity
based food program for low income

When I was a student, with a wife and
2 small children, attending the University
of Wisconsin, on the Korean  G I Bill, we
received a monthly box of surplus food
commodities including staples, like
butter, cheese, powdered milk, flour
dry beans and peas, rice and peanut butter.

We were glad to receive this monthly
box of staples because it allowed us to

Margaret learned to bake bread. We
thought we were living well.

Returning to a commodity staple food
distribution system for the poor will
benefit both the poor and local farmers
who provide the staples.

Include milk, potatoes, turnips, carrots
cabbage, apples, eggs in the program.

The poor will eat healthier and learn
to cook. Local farmers will be able to
continue and expand their farm operations
stay in production, preserving farms
farming and farmers to feed our growing
urban populations, now and in the future.

Reform abuses? Quiz.  How many 100
weights of  spuds are needed to buy
a caddy?

                                      Joe Sullivan

                                      Write in
                                      candidate for
                                      in Congress 21 CD NY

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