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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The U S is wealthy in coal.  Coal
is used to generate most of the
electricity required to support
our way of life.

Oil prices are rapidly increasing.
As Jihadists set the Mideast on fire.
Oil will soon be rationed and not
available at any price.

Like it, or not, as America is
starved of oil, we will have to turn
to coal to survive.

Does it make any sense to mine
coal in Montana and Wyoming and
ship it to China to fuel electric
power plants to support China's
growing manufacturing and population


I say, end all U S coal shipments to

We will need this coal to fuel our power
plants, heat our homes, move freight and
people by rail, including commuter light
rail; to replace petroleum in manufacturing
pharmaceuticals, plastics and a myriad
of other products which we rely on.

                                          Joe Sullivan

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Piers Lyman said...

We need coal in cooking because we don't have an LPG.
Cheap Coal