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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Some say that the U S must
remain in Afghanistan to deny
terrorists a place to set up
training camps.

Silly! They have plenty of
training camps in Pakistan
Iran and elsewhere, including
the USA.

Our Southern border is not
secure. Tens of millions of
illegal aliens have invaded
the U S homeland, among
them OTM's including foreign

Other terrorists have come
to the U S legally through
student visas and immigration

Their native born offsprings
have broadened the terrorist
base, together with recruitment
of native born anti-social
malcontents in prisons, from
gangbangers, drug dealers
and leftist revolutionary types.

Does it make any tactical sense
to have large numbers of U S
and NATO troops  providing
targets for Al Qiada, the Taliban
and rogue tribesmen, while
leaving our Southern border
wide open and allowing the
offspring of "legal" immigrants
and native born malcontents of
every hue, to swell the terrorist
ranks in the American homeland?

Hardly! Afghanistan is a military
wasteland, and has been for the
past 2,500 years or more.

If Pakistan falls supply lines
to our troops in Afghanistan
would be cut. Large concentrations
of U S and NATO troops are targets
for Iranian missles.

Our troops would suffer the
same fate as the British Army of
the Indus in the 19th century.


The solution? Not easy but
necessary for our survival.

Redeploy U S and NATO forces
to secure the Suez Canal and
the oil fields of the Middle East.

Be prepared to counter any move
on the oil fields by Iran, including
keeping the sea lanes  open and oil
piplines secure.

Expect that Iran will likely opt to
utilize missles and small units of
terrorists to destroy oil fields, rather
than launch a full scale ground
attack with standing armies.

Iranian missles fired from
Venezuela could raise havoc
in the U S, while the terrorists
foreign born, illegal and legal
their offsprings and their
recruits from among  native
born malcontents, could
distrupt and terrorize urban
places, transportation and
utility lines and food supplies.

Secure our Southern border
and ports immediately. Bring
home some units from Afghanistan
to assist.

States should deploy their
National Guard units to protect
likely targets of terrorists.

The tens of millions of illegals
need to be identified and returned
to their countries of origin.

Those here as legal immigrants
on student visas, as well as those
born in the U S, who are likely
Jihadist sympathizers must be
observed closely.

Gangbangers in urban places
across America must be disarmed.

Failing to recognize the peril we
face and failing to take necessary
steps to maintain the supply and
flow of oil, as well as to secure
our borders and ports and deal
with the enemies who dwell amongst
us, can result in the collapse of
our economy, civil chaos and
strife and subsequent martial law.

National security is the paramount
issue. All else pales in significance.

Our survival is on the line!

                             Joe Sullivan

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