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Saturday, March 12, 2011


                    John Donne
                    Ernest Hemingway

The mother of all meltdowns?

While watching events in Japan
consider that  we and 34 million
other Americans live in the shadow
of the Indian Point nuclear plants
which sit astride the junction of
two geologic fault lines.

The mother of all nuclear meltdowns
could occur here!

This prospect is made worse by
on site storage of nuclear wastes.

NYS Attorney General Schneiderman
to his credit, is taking legal action to
remedy this madness:

The Indian Point nuclear twins should
be shut down before a disaster occurs

Keep in mind that there are Jihadists
foreign and native born ,who dwell
amongst us. NYC and the entire
metro region are prime targets for
those who seek our destruction. They
are cunning and resourceful. The 9-11
attacks on the World Trade Center
are exhibit A.

Meanwhile, keep your vehicle gas
tanks full and plan alternative
evacuation routes....just in case.

Support the Governor and State
Legislature of Vermont in their
efforts to have the Vermont Yankee
nuclear plant , located Northeast
of the Capital District, shut down.

Need electric power? Buy hydro
power from Quebec.

Got coal? Yes, we do. Use it!

Got natural gas? Yes, we do.
Safely tap the Marcellus shale!

Contrary to advocates of nuclear
power expansion - nuclear power
is not safe when plants sit astride
fault lines, when we have no plan
or place for disposal of nuclear wastes
and while we have Jihadists lying
in wait to strike us a mortal blow.

Ding, dong. Ding, dong!
                                    Joe Sullivan

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