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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Congressman Tonko was a member
of the Democratic majority in the
111th Congress.

Tonko raised a lot of special interest
money. How much? From whom?
What did he spend it on?

Did Tonko's legislative achievements
and stands on issues  merit the amounts
cash he received? Name them.

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What has Tonko done to benefit the
people of the 21 st Congressional District?

2011-2012, the 111th Congress, is a different
ball game.

Tonko is now a minority member. That
means Tonko will be even less effective
than he was when a majority member.

As a result campaign contributions to
Tonko, will dry up. Follow the money in
his 2011  and 2012 fund raising reports.

Tonko will be more dependent on
"free publicity" from Capital District
media which, like all media,  depends
on cash tranfusions of campaign political
ad spending every election cycle.

Tonko has hitched his political wagon
to President Obama. Will that turn out
to be a liability  in the 2012 election?
Will Obama contribute cash and public
support to Tonko's campaign?

Tonko's tenure in congress has yielded
little in benefits to the people of the
21st Congressional District. Tonko's
wind energy kite lacks a strong, steady
wind. Tonko is missing in action when
it comes to vital issues of  national
security and foreign affairs.

Simply said, Tonko is a partyline
follower not a leader. Tonko's record
in Congress is undistinguished.

Will Tonko's district disappear in
the redistricting process now underway?
If not, will Tonko disappear from
Congress after the 2012 election?

The answer will come from the 21st
Congressional District voters, next
year, and how the Capital District
Media covers campaign 2012.

Hopefully, those voters will cast informed
votes, knowing that the 2012 elections will
determine the survival of America and their
own survival as well.

The same goes for the Capital District media.

                                      Joe Sullivan

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