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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It is an open seat. Jack McEneny has
become political history. Fare thee
well Jack. You had a good run.

The 109 AD is overwhelmingly
Democrat in enrollment:  Uptown
Albany and the Towns of Bethlehem
Guilderland and New Scotland.

The sudden departure of Frank
Commisso, the endorsed candidate
on the eve of tonight's Albany
County Democratic Committee
meeting has left the organization
in a quandary.

The likelihood is that there will
be no endorsement for the seat
tonight. That is good! Enrolled
Democrats will decide in the
September 13 primary, who will
have the Democratic line for
the November 6 General Election.

The Dilemma:

Many prospective candidates want
the Democratic line. Run with or
away from Obama? That is the
major decision.

As for the primary, conventional
wisdom says that former Albany

School Board member, Patricia
Fahy has the edge because she
gets the same vote that carries
school budget votes each May.

In the primary that is an edge
but in November 6 that is a cross
to bear. Saddling city homeowners
with a crushing property tax to
support a school district with a
50 percent drop out rate will
not play well in the Towns. Nor
will supporting regionalization
of school districts.

Two other prospective candidates
are members of a county legislature
that has also saddled property tax
payers with excessive debt, largely
attributable to allowing an
unsustainable social services system
to spiral out of control.

There may be other candidates
to emerge, but they all face the
same dilemma - run with or run
away from Obama, his dismal
record, and his declared mission
to fundamentally transform America?

Odds are that not one of the
Democratic wannabe Assembly
candidates will have the courage
to run away from Obama, his
record, his policies and his declared
objective of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America.

The Democrats might be better
off nominating the Conservative
Party candidate for the 109AD
in the September 13 primary.

That candidate does not support
the fundamental transformation
of America as illustrated by the
Obama goals and policies.

Read closely to find out who
the Conservative candidate is:

Also, read:

Update 5/24

                               Joe Sullivan


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