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Thursday, May 3, 2012

HE IS OUT IN  2012?

It has been said that familiarity
breeds contempt.

President BHO has made two
needless, costly photo op trips
to the Capital District.  He is set
to make a third next Tuesday:

Like a moth drawn to a flame
The Great Pretender can't
seem to get enough media

Does anybody believe any
thing he says?

It will be interesting to see
which local Democratic
officeholders and candidates
will run to or away from
The Great Pretender.

The local media can fawn
over him all they want, but
the reality is that he will be
spending cash in the 15
battleground states, not here.

Why should he pay them
when he can have them for free?

Abba Dabba Doo to you too!

                                     Joe Sullivan

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