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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


President Obama reversed himself
again and came out for same sex


Obama's costly Albany photo op
trip of May 8 was a total failure.
The public couldn't care less.
Only local politicians, mostly
Democrats and a few Nanny
Tech workers/students showed.

National media coverage did
not happen.

Obama blamed Congress for
failing to advance his ideas.

Keep in mind that Congress
includes the U S Senate which
is Democratically controlled.

President + Senate equals
2/3 of federal government

Kiss battleground state
North Carolina good bye
Mr Obama.  The Rocky
Mountain West and maybe
Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio
Pennsylvania and more?

Obama played to his base.

Was the Obama move damage
control or did it fatally damage
his re-election bid?

Or, was as he about to be outed
by more aggressive factions of
his base?

Time will tell.

                                 Joe Sullivan

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