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Thursday, May 17, 2012



Joseph P Sullivan of Albany, an enrolled Conservative
will be the Conservative candidate for New York State
Assembly ,109th District in 2012.

The 109th District includes the upper wards of the
City of Albany, and the Towns of Bethlehem, New
Scotland and Guilderland.

Sullivan came to Albany with Governor Hugh Carey
was appointed a Democratic committeeman by
Dan O Connell and was a close ally of Assemblyman
Dick Conners and Charles Ryan Sr. Sullivan also
served as Chief of Staff to Senator Howard Nolan.

It has been said that Albany Democrats are
conservative. They hold the key in 2012.

Voter participation has been declining in recent
years, with the more conservative Democrats'
staying home, leaving leftists to dominate the
party organization and local political offices.

Democratic voters hold a large party enrollment
advantage - they can save America, New York
themselves and all of us, by putting America
themselves, and us, first, before blind partyline

2012 is the defining election of our life times.

Sullivan is a U S Navy veteran who purchased his
home in Albany on the Korean GI Bill.

Sullivan has served as President of the Buckingham
Pond-Crestwood Neighborhood Association for more
than a quarter of a century, and provided the
leadership resulting in, but not limited to, the

* blocking building of luxury housing at Albany Muni
golf course, rezoning the the course Land Conservation
( park land) saving the site that is now occupied by
a community garden and dog park , and saving
the superb view of the Catskill Three Sisters, which
can be seen from beyond the present driving
range (1994)

* rezoning Buckingham Pond and adjacent shore area
Land Conservation, resulting in creation of Buckingham
Pond Park (1994)

* blocking construction of a big box store , Krum Kill
Rd at New Scotland Avenue 2000 and 2002

* creation of permament green spaces : New Scotland
at S Manning, New Scotland at Krum Kill and New
Scotland at Whitehall Rd, 1975, 1985 and 2010

* blocking conversion of Mercy Convent to office
space, 1996.

Sullivan believes that the future of America, and
all Americans, are at stake in the outcomes of the
2012 elections.

Sullivan says voters must put America first, before
political party.

Sullivan advocates the following priorities:

1. defeat Barack Obama

2. elect candidates who will put America and
the people first

3. rebuild local manufacturing, agriculture
and railroads, putting people back to work
which will help save social security and

4. complete reform of education, schools
and the property tax base

5. security, public safety and emergency/
disaster preparedness

Refer to the following websites for more:

                                           Joe Sullivan

May 16, 2012

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