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Saturday, June 16, 2012


You are a whimp.

Read the following and puke!

Choose Rubio as your running mate
and you lose and so does America.

How on earth are you going to be
able to perform in debates with

Better take some time off and go
to political boot camp.

Your only hope is to choose a VP
with real military experience, such
as Congressman Allen West R-Fla
or Governor Bob McDonnell R-Va.

Stand up for America and the Constitution
Mr. Romney - or sit down and let someone
else run in opposition to Obamaman.

National Security is the priority issue.
Without security we have no economy.
We have no Nation. Our way of life is

Secure the national borders and deal
with the tens of millions of illegal aliens
who have invaded our land, including
al Qaida, MS 13, drug dealers and
assorted social services parasites.

More waffling, pandering, groveling:

How about stapling a draft notice to
their diplomas? Taking the Pledge of
Allegiance too?

The vast majority of illegals are
unskilled and  uneducated.

America is a lifeboat in a sea of
world poverty.  We have far too
many unskilled, uneducated among
us. Take on more and lifeboat
America capsizes.

Bring home the troops from
Afghanistan and secure the Mexican

Photo voter ID's are required
to ensure that only bonafide
American citizens vote in 2012.

The White House desperately needs
a man with military experience.

Obama is no Patton. Neither are you.

Shape up or ship out!

                                       Joe Sullivan

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