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Thursday, June 14, 2012


There is no victory in this war when
(1)Pakistan offers a safe haven to al
Qaida and the Taliban,
(2) our troops are restricted by politically
correct rules of engagement that get them
killed or maimed,
(3) cowardly Afghans kill our troops
who are assigned to train the Afghans to
defend their own land

(4) Karzai is double -dealing with China
Pakistan and Iran
(5) the "Commander in Chief" is an smug
imposter with no military experience.

Observe the disgraceful paid political
ad next to the photo of rows of American
flags symbolizing our war dead in Iraq
and Afghanistan. ( First link above)

The President has no respect for our
dead, nor does Huffington Post!

Get off the fund raising, campaign
trail , Mr. "Commander in Chief",

Spend 6 weeks in the field with our
troops. Experience what they do. Then
maybe, you can look down your nose
and remind them, and us, that you
are their (our) Commander in Chief
as you so often do. Maybe, then you
might earn their, and our, respect.

You are no Patton,  BHO.

                                  Joe Sullivan

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