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Thursday, June 14, 2012


We are losing America.

Today is Flag Day.  Look around
your neighborhood and see how
many American flags are not flying
or on display.

In schools and at public events
how often is the Pledge of Allegiance
not said because it may offend those
of different cultural backgrounds?


We are at war with a clandestine
enemy that has declared that it
seeks to destroy us and our way
of life.

This enemy has invaded our
land and dwells amongst us.

While our military sacrifices
their lives in foreign lands-
our borders and our elections
are not secure. English is fast
becoming a second language.
Political correctness, apathy
ignorance and indifference are
sealing our fate.

Leftist politicians and the media
are leading the demise of America.

The people are as sheep being
led to the slaughter.

It is up to the people to restore
America as a Constitutional Republic...

one Nation, under God, indivisible
with Liberty and Justice for all!

2012 is the defining election of our

America will rise or fall on the
outcome. As America goes, so will

                                    Joe Sullivan

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