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Monday, June 4, 2012


June 5, 2012 is the first day to sign
petitions designating candidates for
political offices.

Petitioning will continue during June
ending about July 8.

Petitioning is necessary in order for
candidates to qualify for the ballot
in the September 13 primaries and
November 6 General Election.

Ask yourself Three interrelated

1. Do you support Barack Obama's
declared goal of fundamentally
transforming America; and his
policies to achieve that goal?

2. Do you support the City of Albany
being a sanctuary city for illegal
aliens? (The Common Council
Resolution passed in July 2009
by a vote of 14-0)

3. Do you support a system of
voter photo ID's to ensure that
only bonafide American citizens
vote in elections?

Ask these same questions of any
candidate, or supporter of a
candidate, who asks you to sign
a designating petition for that
candidate - BEFORE you sign.

If the answer to question one
and two are " Yes" and the

answer to question three is
"No" ....or not known.........

DO NOT SIGN unless you
agree with those answers

or are prepared to blindly
support a candidate whose
views on these questions
are not declared or not known.

The 2012 elections are the most
defining elections of our time.

The survival of America, all
Americans, and our way of life
are on the line.

Your informed participation in
our political process is vital to
the survival of America, yourselves
and your loved ones.

For the record: my answers are:
Q1 and 2 - NO and Q3- YES.

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                                    Joe Sullivan

                                    NYS Assembly
                                    109 AD

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