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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Air pollution and asthma.


What about excessive road salt
dumped on roads, bridges, parking
lots every winter?

When the salt drys, it become
airborne and mixes with vehicle

Not good for asthma or for
persons on salt restricted diets.

Not good for roads, bridges
street trees or exteriors of homes.

Destroys our ever more expensive
vehicles, brake/fuel lines and tires.

RX? Slow down in bad weather.
Kick the road salt habit. Save
money and public health.

Assignment for politicians. Ram
through a ban on road salt in the
first day of the state legislative
session, just as you did with
the NY SAFE Act (gun control
law) January 2013. 

Albany County legislators take
note. Road salt is hazardous to
your, and our health.

A road salt ban makes more
sense than your selective
discriminatory styrofoam ban

                            Joe Sullivan

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