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Monday, December 2, 2013


This Times Union editorial
calls for Governor Cuomo to
champion campaign reform.


Governor Cuomo, who has
amassed a multimillion dollar
war chest from special interests
is going to lead the charge for
campaign reform? Really?

The TU cites the key items
on the campaign reform list:

* lower contribution limits
* reining in soft money
* Board of Election overhaul
*a system of public financing
  of campaigns

Strike public financing of
political campaigns.

The electorate should not bear
the financial cost of political
campaigns. This would amount
to another tax increase and would
do little to reform campaigns.

The keys to real campaign reform
lie with the media, the candidates
and the electorate.

To begin: campaign time frames
should be shortened.

The media and candidates can refuse
to take the money.

The media should provide equal 
coverage to all bonafide candidates
in their own  words. Reporters refrain
from injecting their opinions and
editorials boards refrain from

Candidates should present clear
positions on vital issues in their
own words, in writing, on air
and in public forums.

The electorate has the responsibilty
to vote and  to cast informed votes
rather than blind party line voting. 

Otherwise, campaign reform as
advocated by the TU and others
is just another political scam.

                       Joe Sullivan

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